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Customer Referral Program
Over the years, Meridian Partners has grown by delivering top service and software solutions.  Our clients, partners, and friends have been an important part of that success through their many introductions and referrals.
To show our appreciation and as a thank you, we would like to provide a generous reward for new referrals!

An easy way for you to make extra money
or help your organization!

Customer referrals are people that you personally know or have worked with, and you would recommend that they work with Meridian for a specific opportunity. 

Remember that Meridian provides both ERP and Business Intelligence software and services!

How does the referral program work?

If your customer referral results in new profitable businesses for Meridian Partners within 6 months of the referral, you will be awarded for that referral. Subject to a few terms* – see bottom of page.

Reward Amounts:


2.5% of Total Initial Price of Software

Software (Cloud)

2.5% of Total Initial Price of Software



2.5% of opportunity for up to a year from 1st billing

Referrals will be considered if the referred customer is new to Meridian Partners, the Meridian Partners’ Sales Team is not currently pursuing the opportunity, and the submission is accepted in writing by Meridian Partners.​

To receive compensation, the referred customer needs to be current with Meridian, and a W-9 may also need to be completed (per IRS rules).

If you work for an organization that restricts compensation from vendors (like a public sector organization), we will work with you and your organization to provide an approved reward that is transparent and benefits the organization. For example, we may be able to purchase school supplies, fund a program, or provide a credit or free software. Of course, we will let everyone know that you made this happen, as you deserve a huge pat on the back!​


To submit a referral:

Email the following information to

Our sales team will review your submission. If accepted, we will provide confirmation and an official agreement with the full terms and conditions. Then you just sit back, and if your referral results in new business for Meridian, we will make sure you receive your reward! 

Your Information:
•    Name
•    Email
•    Phone Number
•    Relationship with Meridian

Customer Referral Information:

  • Name of organization that you are submitting 

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Is the referral a:

    • Personal friend or family member

    • Current colleague

    • Former colleague

    • Current employer

    • Former employer

  • Any additional details on the opportunity and ways that Meridian can help

*Additional Details and Terms:

By submitting a referral, you agree your submission in no way creates any implied or express employment contract between you and Meridian Partners and / or any Meridian Partners customer.  You also agree and understand that only an official agreement duly executed by you and Meridian constitutes any legal obligation, the official agreement is understood to have additional terms, conditions, and obligations in addition to the general terms on this website.  The terms of this program can be changed at the sole discretion or Meridian Partners.  We reserve the right to solely determine opportunity and referral suitability.

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