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Since 2002, Meridian Partners has focused on providing enterprise products and services to public sector, non-profit, and commercial organizations worldwide. We are a preferred partner of the many leading enterprise solutions. Our team of experts has proven experience in the strategy, planning, implementation, and support of both legacy and the latest cutting edge solutions.    
At Meridian Partners, we know the right product is only part of the equation. We work hard to understand the many challenges of today’s fast-changing enterprise landscape to ensure we are always ready with the optimum solution, we are continually investing in our team to provide our clients with the most knowledgeable, and experienced consultants. 
Solid Knowledge Base
Our consultants have many years experience and in-depth knowledge of the enterprise solutions they support.  
Get It Right the First Time
Before executing on any enterprise solution, we first make sure that we understand all of our clients' unique requirements, by engaging with key stakeholders and actively communicating along the way.  This ensures no surprises at rollout and a solution that fits perfectly.
Smooth Transitions
To achieve the intended business benefits of an enterprise solution, new solutions should include the people impacts of changed processes, not just top leadership. Our methodology includes the best practices of change management and end-user training to help assure buy-in from every level of the organization.
We Know Public Sector 
With a dedicated public sector practice, many of our consultants are public sector certified and have backgrounds working in the positions they now advise. We have strong relationships and collaborate with our enterprise software partners to enhance and provide complete public sector software and services solutions. This allows our K-12, higher education, state, local, federal, and defense, clients to get the most out of their enterprise solutions.
We Understand Commercial Needs
There is an old saying, "time is money,"  we understand the importance of having a nearby expert on speed dial.  Meridian has commercial and specialized industry experts available to help keep your company running efficiently and one step ahead of the competition.  From traditional ERP, to Cloud, automation, AI, or security we have you covered.
Large Number of Purchasing Vehicles
We have a large number of purchasing vehicles available.  If you don't see the right one for your needs contact us as we have many additional vehicles to help expedite the process and get moving on your important project or purchase.

Major Partnerships and Certifications:

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